From Forest to Floor

Sawn Wood


There are many elements that go into creating a unique hardwood floor. The region in which the tree grows, how the log is sawn, and how it is dried all come together to create a truly one of a kind floor. Our wood comes from northern forests, which with their cold winters slows the growth of the trees yielding tighter growth rings. This leads to better color consistency and a more sophisticated look than southern timber.

Tongue & Groove

Saw Mill & Kiln

Wood is debarked and then cut piece by piece to our specifications, Plain Sawn, Rift & Quartered, or Live Sawn. The wood is then graded and moved to the kiln to be dried.

At the kiln the wood is stacked on dryer sticks and left to air dry for a minimum of 4 weeks. The boards are then transferred into the kiln for 30 to 45 days. After the kiln the wood goes on to production.


At the mill, each piece is individually inspected to determine which side will look the most unique as the face of the board and to determine any defects that should be cut out. Unlike larger companies who mass produce their wood, we are able to take a more hands on approach. Once the boards are completed, they are moved to stacking tables where the flooring is assembled into bundles and loaded on pallets.

Stanza Prefinish Machine

Off-Site Finish

A tremendous amount of care and precision goes into our UV Cured finishing. This allows us to achieve custom looks that cannot be replicated in the field. Based on your specifications, the boards are sanded, scrapped, wire-brushed, stained, and/or buffed (with oil and/or wax) by hand. When all finishing is complete the boards are carefully stacked, bundled, and finally loaded onto pallets.