Wide Widths and Long Lengths

10" Wide Plank Engineered French White Oak with White Oil Wide Plank Flooring

Limitless Custom Capabilities

Wide widths and long lengths have become a staple in any custom home. We specialize in these dimensions so that we can offer products to fulfill any order you envision. Our decades of experience, coupled with intimate knowledge of the production of wood flooring, from forest to floor, enables us to ensure customers the highest quality wide plank flooring. We primarily produce french white oak flooring, yet Hardwoods of Wisconsin offers limitless custom capabilities to create your ideal floor..

Lead Time

1 - 8 Weeks




Finish or Unfinished

There All Along

Hardwoods of Wisconsin from the very beginning has been on the cutting edge of finding the best manufacturing techniques and the most reputable partners to team up with. When it comes to producing wide width, long length flooring, we’ve been there all along making hundreds of thousands of feet of custom flooring installed for customers all over the country.

Cross Finger Construction

Let’s talk construction methods. Cross finger (also known as cross block or lumber core) construction is the very best possible. It gives you the sand-ability of a solid and the stability of an engineered. Our veneers have a 5mm sawn face, not sliced or peeled, with a solid wood core and back. Other brands offer plywood construction with a 2mm to 4mm veneer.

Tear Sheets