From the Heart of Burgundy

French Oak Flooring

Unrivaled Beauty

At Hardwoods of Wisconsin our French oak comes from the heart of Burgundy, quite literally. The sawmill, ran by the same family for generations, is located directly in the center of town. The production facility is divided by the main road in town, it’s owner, Bernard, is also the town’s Mayor. Our ability to work so closely with Bernard and his artisans ensures that the quality of our product is unrivaled. Our French Oak has a natural embered toning and a higher tannin content than European Oak. This process yields a more consistent result when fuming or using active stains, thus allowing a very sophisticated look no other oak can.

Lead Time

1 - 8 Weeks




Finish or Unfinished


The bûcheron wait for the forest to fully mature before cutting, they then allow the timber to air dry for 6 months before kiln drying. This produces a more consistent and tighter graining, which ultimately will yield a product with more stability, thus a higher quality. The entire process is meticulously governed by the Gouvernement de la Republique Francaise.


(noun) A term for one who is a logger, lumberman, or wood cutter. Governed by officials of the Office National des Forets.

Small Vineyard in Burgundy

Favorable Soil

Genuine certified French Oak from the Burgundy region is some of the most sought-after white oak flooring in the world. Burgundy is known for producing exceptional grapes, the reason it produces exceptional grapes is the same reason it produces exceptional oak – the soil & climate, which is more conducive to a slower growing process.

Three Grades

Available in three grades: Prime Grade, Character Grade, and Rustic Grade. Prime Grade has minimal color variation, mainly clear boards, occasional sounds knots up to 1” diameter, and no sap permitted. Character Grade has minor color variation, knots filled up to 2 1/3″ diameter, and occasional sound hard sap on edges permitted. Rustic Grade has color variation/red allowed, filled unlimited knots, occasional boards with worms, and occasional sound hard sap on face area.

Tear Sheets