Durable and Distinctive

Reclaimed Mixed Oak End Grain Natural Edge Solid

Intriguing Look

Combining durability with a distinctive cut of wood, our End Grain is a great fit for your next project whether used indoor or outdoor. Its strength comes from cutting the wood “cross grain” rather than traditionally cutting with the grain. The circular patterns the cut produces offer a fresh and intriguing look. When cut thicker and installed on a proper foundation, End Grain can be used outside as a paver or brick on a patio, sidewalk, or driveway.

Lead Time

1 - 8 Weeks




Finish or Unfinished

Reliable History

The End Grain cut of wood has been found for centuries in the workshops of blacksmiths and has many industrial uses due to its shock absorbent and fire-resistant qualities. This is an ideal option for high traffic areas, outdoor use, or something unique to make your home stand out. 

End Grain Hex & Weave

Roof Installation

Tear Sheets