Raw & Traditional Looking Finishes

Whether you are looking for a raw/modern looking finish or a more tradition look, we at Hardwoods of Wisconsin have what you need when it comes to quality looking finishes.

Lead Time

1 - 8 Weeks




Finish or Unfinished

Custom Finishing

A tremendous amount of care and precision goes into our UV Cured finishing. This allows us to achieve custom looks that cannot be replicated in the field. Based on your specifications, the boards are sanded, scrapped, wire-brushed, stained, and/or buffed (with oil and/or wax) by hand. When all finishing is complete the boards are carefully stacked, bundled, and finally loaded onto pallets.


A proprietary finish that we, at Hardwoods of Wisconsin have perfected over the last several years. The product still holds the raw, natural beauty of unfinished wood, but it is protected by a finish. Available in poly urethane or natural oil. Only available on our Engineered French Oak and our Reclaimed products.


An industrial grade ultra-matte UV cured finish, designed to withstand high levels of wear and scratch resistance. The urethane finish adheres to the wood and creates a barrier over the surface protecting the wood. Available in 12 standard colors. Custom colors available

Raw Collection

Natural Collection

Care & Maintenance