Rich Tones

The Carbonized & Fumed Collection is an engineered hardwood floor created using 3-ply cross finger construction. It has a 5mm sawn French Oak face with a solid wood core and back. Featuring a light wire brushed face and micro beveled sides. Carbonized is created in a kiln by heating the wood and producing a rich warm brown coloration. Fumed is also heated in a kiln but adds ammonia gases to produce rich dark tones.

Lead Time

1 - 8 Weeks




Finished or Unfinished

Wood Air Drying

Engineered French Oak

3/4" 8" 18" - 87"
3/4" 10" 27" - 114"

Carbonized Colors

Fumed Colors

Custom Finishing

An industrial grade ultra-matte UV cured finish from Bona IC. Designed to withstand high levels of wear and scratch resistance. The urethane finish adheres to the wood and creates a barrier over the surface protecting the wood. Available in 12 standard colors. Custom colors available.

An open-pored UV Cured finish that is 100% solids, no VOCs, self-sealing, and top coat. This finish works by using natural oil that penetrates deep inside the wood to strengthen the inner properties and create a barrier against dirt and wear. Available in 20 standard colors. Custom colors available.

A neutral/invisible finish that gives the look of raw wood while still protecting the wood surface. Once applied, the finish is completely invisible but ensures a saturated and dirt resistant surface. This finish allows for the natural beauty of the wood to show through while still ensuring a long lasting product.

Cross Finger Construction

Cross Finger Construction

Let’s talk construction methods. Cross finger (also known as cross block or lumber core) construction is the very best possible. It gives you the sand-ability of a solid and the stability of an engineered. Our veneers have a 5mm sawn face, not sliced or peeled, with a solid wood core and back. Other brands offer plywood construction with a 2mm to 4mm veneer.

Cross Finger Diagram

Tear Sheets